The Haviland Organization

  Photography By Pierce Haviland




Aggressor F-16

An agressor F-16 landing at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas

The Eagle is landing

An Air Force F-15 Eagle landing at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas

F-18 Hornet

Navy F-18 Hornet on takeoff

Marine Harrier

US Marines AV-8B Harrier at the Nawlins' Air Show in 2004

Harrier Takeoff

A Harrier heads for the clouds

Heritage Flight

A Heritage Flight with an F15 Eagle, A-10 Warthog and a P-51 Mustang

Pilot and plane

Pierce Haviland stands next to the 1942 Boeing Stearman he just flew

FA-22 Raptor

An FA-22 Raptor at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas

Soaring Over Hawaii

Flying a Schweizer glider over the north shore of Oahu

Mowing the lawn

Blue Angels' C-130, Fat Albert, flys low and fast at Willow Grove, PA

Sabre Saw

An F-86 Sabre buzzes by the tower at NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach

Fleet Power

A fleet power display over NAS Oceana with two F-18 Hornets, two Super Hornets and four F-14 Tomcats

Tomcat speed

An F-14 Tomcat at mach .9 with wings folded back

Blue Angels Thrill

The Navy Blue Angels always thrill the crowd with their opposing pass

Eye In The Sky

A Navy E-2C Hawkeye flys low over NAS Oceana

Close To The Sound Barrier

A vapor ring surrounds a Navy F-18 Hornet as it nears the sound barrier

Super Hornet low pass

An F-18E/F Super Hornet flys low and fast

F-14 Tower Break

Four F-14 Tomcats fly over the tower at NAS Oceana as two break formation

Tomcat Break

Four Tomcats from the Blacklions of VF=213 break for their last landing at NAS Oceana

Tomcat Traffic Jam

Tomcats wait to taxi for their final homecoming at NAS Oceana.


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